All services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, until further notice. Before booking online below, please watch this 2-min video that explains COVID sanitation practices in place at all of our locations. EFFECTIVE MONDAY 6/22/20: BEARD TRIMS + FACE SHAVES ARE NOW ALLOWED TO BE PERFORMED AT ALL LOCATIONS. CLIENTS MUST STILL COME INTO THE SHOP MASKED AND MAY ONLY REMOVE THE MASK WHILE THEIR BARBER (WEARING MASK + FACE SHIELD) IS DOING THE FACIAL SERVICE.

Please Note:
*Booking “No Barber Preference: First Available” does not guarantee your preferred appointment time. Please expect a confirmation email or phone call to confirm appt details.
*We have two locations off of 17th St, so please be sure you are booking and showing up at the correct location of your choice.

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To cancel or change a scheduled appointment,  please follow the link provided in your appointment confirmation email.

Questions? Please contact us at 303-893-3157 or email Book@StansDowntownBarbers.com.