As a locally owned and family-operated business, Nina (Stan’s daughter) wanted a way to give back to her Denver community and incorporate her nonprofit background into the family barbershop business, one that she has been a part of her entire life. In 2022, Nina founded Faded Rose as a 501c3 nonprofit in partnership with Stan’s Downtown Barbers.

In memory of her late mother, Rosine, Nina wanted to find a way to make others feel good about themselves, something her mom was very good at doing. Whether it was a compliment, sharing the latest beauty trends, or giving you one of her radiant smiles, Rosine genuinely made you feel good about yourself. All roses have their thorns and fade over time, but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful. They radiate their beauty for all to see, proud of everything that they are. Rosine could see that beauty in everyone. We hope that Faded Rose will help others to realize their own beauty, thorns and all.

Faded Rose Mission


Faded Rose partners with local Denver organizations to provide no-cost barbering services for those who need it most, those experiencing adversity, and looking for a fresh start. Our current partner organizations include the following: ST. FRANCIS CENTER, WARREN VILLAGE & SENIOR SUPPORT SERVICES.


To learn more about partnering with Faded Rose, please email Nina at FadedRose@StansDowntownBarbers.com.


Faded Rose Support