Stan’s Downtown Barbers I





Stan, the barber shop’s owner, has been working as a professional since 1983 and has surrounded himself with a staff that produces an atmosphere that is conducive of one that many of the top professionals and visitors in the Denver metro are proud to be a part of. Stan’s I  has added a contemporary look to its recently renovated interior.  The Shop has been doing business on Champa Street for over 35 years and is regarded as one of the very few contemporary “Old School” barber shops in Denver.

Stan’s Downtown Barbers  II





The new, modern, state-of-the-art shop located on Arapahoe Street just off the 16th Street Mall is a full-service, high-quality barber shop and full service salon like Denver has never known. Amenities for both locations include a 55 inch flat screen with full sports, movie and music programming. Complimentary coffee, soft drinks and water are also part of an atmosphere that produces stimulating conversation ranging from sports to the dynamic redevelopment of the cityscape.